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Elevator Pitch

Sempulse's Halo applies in seconds to the back of the ear and wirelessly monitors 100+ patients' vital signs, non-invasively and in non-sterile conditions.  That's pulse oximetry (SpO2), heart rate, respiratory rate, core body temperature, and the industry's first cuffless blood pressure within 2 seconds of application.

This data is then securely transmitted to a medic's tablet and simultaneously to remote physicians to allow them to add their expertise. Today, medics have to manually take vital signs with their fingers and stethoscopes and then subjectively decide who to help first.  Our system automatically retrieves patients' vital signs, objectively prioritizes them by severity, and then allow medics to actually do what they're trained to do: care for the wounded.
According to the U.S. Army, during the last 2 major conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan 51.4% of those soldiers who did not come home died of potentially survivable causes. Outpatient surgeries are on pace to double within 3 years. Mass casualty events like the Las Vegas shooting or an Amtrak crash leave first responders unequipped to locate and treat patients in priority order - sometimes people are lost because they weren't seen in front of others would could have managed to wait. Nursing home populations will continue to increase with the influx of Baby Boomers. Multiple vehicle traffic accidents require patients to wait for multiple ambulances to accommodate the wounded. All of these pointed us at Sempulse to create the Halo, a small, lightweight sensor that affixes to the back of ear, leaving full mobility and sensory awareness, and delivers high efficacy vital signs monitoring within seconds. Sempulse: Because Every Life Counts.


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Sempulse operated in stealth mode until January 2018, then later that month we won the People's Choice award at the HealthTech Austin Medical Device Summit. We followed that up in February 2018 by being selected to join MassChallenge Texas, NSF's Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program, and The University of Texas's Dell Medical School's Texas Health Catalyst program, all after presenting at SXSW.

Sample Interview Questions

Why is this important?
Military medics use the same tools and techniques that were used in WW2, their fingertips and stethoscopes. With all the technology that soldier's are already carrying, it's about time that modern technology came into play for field triage.
Why doesn't this already exist?
We get asked this a lot. Similar devices show up a lot in science fiction and video games, but the technology to acquire all of the biometrics to get the 5 major vital signs wasn't small enough to make it useful until just recently.
Where did this idea come from?
One of my partners came back from Afghanistan a few years ago. We stopped to order a pizza and my partner's app on his phone knew exactly where he was and remembered what he ordered last. He asked, "why couldn't we have this over in Afghanistan?" That question started everything.

Sempulse Fast Facts

  • Sempulse was founded by Kurt Stump in 2015.
  • Sempulse's mission is to save lives by bringing next generation technologies into the field for triaging, monitoring, and prioritizing multiple casualties.
  • Sempulse operates primarily out of San Diego, CA, Phoenix, AZ, and Austin, TX.
  • Sempulse has 4 full-time employees, 4 part-time employees, and a high-powered Advisory Board of 6.
  • Sempulse has interviewed the following about our product:
    • Physicians
    • EMTs
    • The Pentagon
    • The Surgeon General of the White House
    • Chief Medical Officer of The Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
    • U.S. Army Medical Command
    • U.S. Navy Medical Command
      • U.S. Navy SEALs
      • U.S. Army Delta Force
    • U.S. Navy Corpsmen
    • U.S. Army Medics
    • Chief of Staff of San Diego County Emergency Medicine
    • Hospital Administrators
    • Insurance Providers
  • Sempulse has been bootstrapped up until this point, but is currently raising a modest seed funding round.
  • Major products:
    • Halo Monitor
      • Attaches to the back of the ear and retrieves the 5 major vital signs (blood pressure, pulse oximetry (SpO2), heart rate, respiratory rate, and core body temperature) within 2 seconds. Lasts for over 24 hours of monitoring, then it can be recharged or disposed of.
    • Halo App
      • Available for iOS and Android; automatically retrieves, parses, and populates patient vital signs data, integrates with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), prioritizes patients with a 127-point algorithm, geolocates patients, and facilitates their evacuation.
    • Halo Cloud App
      • Allows remote physicians and administrators to share their expertise and overall awareness with the medics int he field.  All data can be seen in real time and remote personnel can interact with the field medics, annotate patient records, and add instructions.
    • Data Analytics
      • A robust online data access facility allows for trauma data and even death data to be made available for researchers and for Sempulse itself to create better, more refined diagnostics.
    • Physician Monitoring Service
      • To make the best use of our Cloud App, we can provide remote physician assistance on an as-needed basis for clients to have physicians oversee their triage and monitoring.
  • Sempulse had its first patent approved in November of 2017 with no changes to any of its claims.  We are protected from others using our proprietary vitals signs acquisition site (the back of the ear), from using our combination of sensors, and 18 other widely-encompassing claims.
  • Production units are available by request, but all hardware components are assembled in the USA.